Seedsman of the Year

1986 Margaret Herbst ASA 1961 -- 1986 (Executive Secretary)
1988 Robert A. Russel  J. & L. Adikes, Inc.
1989 Jerry Peterson  Peterson Seed Company
1990 Robert Wetsel  Wetsel Seed Company
1991 John Morrissey  Loft Seed Company
1992 Frank Welch  Beachley-Hardy Seed Company
1993 Gil Barber  Charter Seed Company
1994 Kathleen Gillespie  Agway, Inc.
1995 William Carey  Robison Corporation
1996 Drew Kinder  Kinder Seed,  Inc.
1997 John E. Baylor ASA (Executive Director)
1998 Jerry Pepin  Pickseed West, Inc.
1999 Richard Chamberlin  Harris Seeds (Garden Trends, Inc.)
2000 Charles H. Hart  Chas. C. Hart Seed Company
2001 Donald P. Wertman  Seedway, Inc.
2002 Gayle Jacklin  Jacklin/Simplot
2003 Steve Tubbs  Turf Merchants, Inc.
2004 Calvin Ernst  Ernst Conservation
2005 Fred Grau  Grasslyn, Inc.
2006 Terry Peters  Seeds, Inc.
2007 Risa DeMasi  Grassland Oregon
2008 Allen Bohrer  Newsom Seed, Inc.
2009 Mary Beth Menard  Seed Research of Oregon
2010 Nancy Aerni  Turf Merchants, Inc.
2011 Troy Kuenzi  Mountain View Seeds
2012 Harry Fridley  Newsom Seed, Inc.
2013 Fred Mohr  Seedway
2014 Mike Steiner  BFG
2015 Andy Ernst  Ernst Seed
2016 Ed Russell  Preferred Seed
2017 Duane Klundt  Grassland Oregon
2018 Jon Straughn  Chesapeake Valley Seed
2019 Steve Hardy  L.D. Oliver Seed